I need to be quick! Before everything in my mind is gone!

Suddenly I am feeling the urge to type something here. Before the feeling fades away here I am sitting at Gazebo (pondok) in my school compound. Just finished my 5 km brisk walk around USM engineering campus. While walking and listening to my music selection, so many things cross my mind.

Here the list :

1. I should clean and decorate my room. Teal color should be nice. How much paint it needed? Should I paint the book rack in white? Where can I buy the paint? Ikea or hardware store?

2. I need to push my student on the Galactic run. Should we organize a few series of the run? Will make more money. ahahaha

3. Should I send a proposal to AirAsia to fund my Satellite project? or space connect?

4. I should stop thinking of work and just walk. Feeling the energy from the universe. (Hahaha)

5. I should refocus on my work. Too many things in my hand now

6. Why don't you take unpaid leave and go abroad? find a new place for a new experience? UAE perhaps? working at their space agency?(Ambitious)

7.  Owh.. I should write a blog. Need to activate my Blogspot. Need to do more writing. Practice! practice! So I can write more paper! (huh!)

8. Should I finish my book chapter in office? or in the lab? or at my house?

9. I should start the diet. I should start reading a book. I should start to realign my life.!

Well, I think I have more self-conversion but can't remember all. The truth is being alone is not all bad. My husband is hospitalized since last week and has been diagnosed to have Pleural Tuberculosis  atau tibi di luar lapisan paru-paru. So he is on the right drug since yesterday. Yeah after a week hospitalized ..huhu. I have me time for more than a week now.

I should start sharing more from now on. Till then, See ya!


Kay said…
Semoga suami Mimi kembali sihat aamiin.

Yeahh Mimi sila tulis lagi